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Upon requesting a session, be sure to indicate in your email to Deborah you reading type/s, length of time, time/zone, full name and preference of phone, Zoom or in person. Deborah is an International Medium and in person sessions are not necessary as the energy of our loved ones in spirit will communicate with her where ever you are located.


Upon agreeing on a scheduled date and time for your session, fee must be submitted in the store of this website.


Once fee is received, Deborah will provide contact information for your session.

ALL times zone difference calculations are that of the responsibility of clients.


Enter the session with an open mind. Expectations and attachments to specific ideas may inhibit the flow of energy and quality of message work. The spirit or spirits of loved ones that may come through are decided by the spirit world not us. They communicate evidence of their life time proving their eternal survival and deliver healing with guidance messages via a mind to mind connection with Deborah using her senses and a feeling and knowing.


Have a recorder and/or a pen and paper on hand to record/document your session.


Be sure to wear comfortable clothing whether session is in person or from afar over phone.


Have plenty of water on hand to drink.


Finally, relax and enjoy the energy of your session and messages from your loved ones. MANY BLESSINGS of Love and Light!



To Request A  Psychic Medium Session: email Deb at Or 617-817-0721


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