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Medium Reading:


Deborah will link to the spirit world and connect to the eternal energy of loved ones and pets who have passed. She serves spirit as a vessel connecting two worlds bringing peace and healing to her clients. She is able to deliver specific evidence, memories, essence of personalities and messages of love and guidance proving the eternal existence of our spirit after physical passing.


Spiritual Assessment: 


Deborah links with your energy and/or pets validating current events within your life, spiritual advice of such events and reads potential events of the future. This is NOT an absolute as there is always free will in this life.


Spiritual Mentoring: 


Deborah offers mentoring/classes for those looking to develope their spirituality, psychic abilities, mediumship and others gifts. Classes customized per student based upon their level of experience and their goals. For beginners, advanced or anything in between. Email to inquire:




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