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 My husband and I saw Deborah about a month ago. Her reading was a gift from my son and his fiancee. This was not our first reading, but we were amazed at the evidence she presented. Both sets of parents and our daughter in spirit came through on the reading. The evidence was so spot on and so compelling, things she could never have known. She was so easy to sit with and we felt right at home in her home. She is warm and guided us through the reading effortlessly. Lois Kesty

Sitting at my computer console, I logged into ZOOM, wondering HOW spirits would come to this electronic party, IF they would come, and how on earth, or in spirit, the one I wanted the MOST to hear from would find me in THIS small group in earth dimension, among the billions of earth suits dotting the surface here, and the jillions of spirits inhabiting spirit dimension would sort it out and maybe find me…

Deborah entered the room, gave a couple brief instructions as to how to do the

evidentiary part using “Yes” and “No.{ I missed all that. My ancient desktop groans with the new whiz bang Zoom SW from China. After multiple tries and much patience from Debs, I settled in, still wondering how this all works.

Debs kind of tilts her head, listening like the mother robin listens for the earthworm under her bird feet, and deliberately she speaks aloud. She states what she is seeing or hearing and asks for acknowledgment of anyone in the small group.

Someone responds, and Debs continues with an amazing litany of evidence statements and seeks yes/no confirmation. It progresses steadily, until there are a few words of loving joinery between the visiting spirit and the loved one in the group. Then, the spirit takes their leave. Debs repeats the process, with a new spirit visitor, eager to make it through to THEIR loved one, and provides more details and more evidence of their presence and their linkage to my zoom neighbor.

Suddenly, Debs spoke MY name. I was stunned, and took a few moments to gather my wits and fumbled to turn on my zoom mic.

Then Deb said ONE WORD: “LadyBug”

I knew instantly who my Spirit Visitor was, and my soul exploded with joy and my year long loneliness was shattered for the next 4-5 minutes.

This is real. And Debs is GOOD!!!

Deep draughts of love, connection, and a specific message of support tailored JUST for me still stuck here, as my expanded Beloved soars, but my Soulmate absolutely swooped in for targeted contact, and touching my life. Our time tapered off as another spirit wanted to speak to THEIR loved one sitting zoom style next in an adjacent zoom square to me.

Would I do this again? In a heartbeat!!! In a LIVINGSTON heartbeat. This is real. This is genuine. This Debs is a loving, warm, evidentiary conduit of the highest order.




I live in Mauritius and had a Skype session with Deb. I was skeptical about her ability to connect to the spirit world as I have had previous negative experiences. I lost my daughter in a car accident 3 years ago. I was however...flabbergasted by Deb's accuracy on the date of her passing and the name of the person who was going to accompany her back home and who didn't eventually and who I still blame. She also described my daughter perfectly! I am looking forward to my next session with her


Christine Sauzier


I had an amazing mediumistic session with Deb 3 days ago over the phone. I have always wanted to believe mediums can connect with spirit, but was also very skeptical. I didn't tell Deb who I wanted to connect with, but Deb brought my loved one through and left me without any doubt that she truly has a gift for connecting with spirit. She knew so many specific facts that she would never have been able to know or even find through research. The session was very healing for me, and renewed my hope for the future knowing my loved one is still with me in spirit.


Lauren Chapman


Deb read for me almost a month ago, but I'm just now writing the review. Deb mentioned "three gentleman" were coming through for me, and she proceeded to tell me all about the first one - my granddad. I was really excited, because he usually refuses to come through for us! But she described him almost exactly - and it's funny because some of the things she said about him are absolutely "him". The things she mentioned - if you tell someone who knew him, they *immediately* know it's a defining thing about him. My granddad was always naturally slim, despite being a big lover of sweets. I had to laugh when Deb said - "I get the feeling your granddad was never, ever overweight in his life!" :) She was also (in a nice way) strict with me when I would start to give her extra info. She was like - "Please, just answer "yes" or "no" - but no additional details!" She is very serious about making sure you know it's authentic. And she is!




I had a mediumistic reading with Deborah Livingston. It was profound, as Deborah connected me to my grandma who has passed. She brought up details specific to my family and specific to my relationship with my grandma and even knew about the ongoing joke my grandma and I shared about her use of lipstick (she always wanted me to wear it, and I always refused to – until her funeral). Before the reading, Deborah emphasized via email to not disclose any information as to not bias my reading. As a skeptic, this was crucial! In the end, I was amazed by the accuracy of my reading and felt really grateful to know that we have gifts like Deborah Livingston in this world. Her gifts are undeniable and her spirit is admirable – she is incredibly warm, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I am so thankful to have her in my life and look forward to continue working with her!


Elyssa Blasberg


I recently had the opportunity to have a session with Deb Livingston,  that was quite possibly one of the most spiritual and exciting moments of my life.  Talking to Deb,  was like having a "telephone line to Heaven".  She was able to connect to my closest family members who passed, along with many others I didn't expect to hear from.  Her ability to decipher the messages she was receiving,  and then conveying them to me in a  way that I was immediately able to make connections to what my loved ones were saying....., was a true sign of her amazing gift. Her accuracy was amazing.  She was able to pinpoint information that only my family members who had passed,  would know.  My heart melted when she also picked up on my dog dying recently,  and that my dog was there with my son.  She was even able to pick  up on my dog's name....absolutely amazing.  


As Deb explains...some things may not make an immediate connection,  but to remember them because they will someday. That happened to me last night.  When my son-in-law was drawing attention to flashing first thoughts were Christmas lights.  But last night,  as I sat and watched a fantastic fireworks display,  preceding a Memorial Hockey game dedicated to my son-in-law,  I realized that he was actually drawing attention to those fireworks...letting me know he would be there with us !  A delayed gift from my amazing session with Deb.


It is my recommendation....that anyone who knows and understands the ability of our loved ones to communicate with us from the spirit world....can be assured that the amazing ability and talent of this woman is a gift that we can all use! Deb was an amazing connection for me,  and I feel even closer to my son, and my son-in-law, and my mom, my grandparents, and my aunts,and all the other's who connected with me. Thank you again, Deb.  You brought great peace and happiness to my heart. I will never forget our experience!  


Khris Norton


“My inner spirit seemed to be searching.......I felt like I needed some sort of guidance. I found Deb Livingston through a friend - researched her and found the techniques she used quite interesting. I have never had a mediumistic reading - I have never had a reason to get one done. After I read about Deb - I felt like I could give it a try. Deb and I shared an hour together - she explained how she read/conveyed messages - asked if I understood/had any questions. From the onset of our visit - she was so SPOT ON with evidence, that at several times - I was simply speechless! The things she shared with me were so very personal and touching - she never asked for any information during our reading - she could only know this information from her ability to receive it as a vehicle of the spirit. My heart was uplifted from our time together. My spirit is renewed - it's like I took a BIG exhale and I'm left with a sense of calmness. Deb has a fantastic aura around her - I am certain, beyond any doubt - she is AUTHENTIC!”

Heather Poole~ Iowa


Deb is a beautiful person.  I felt like I was talking to a friend.  I will tell you I went in with an open mind but very skeptical about being able to communicate with passed love ones.  Well I am a believer now.  The details from my son that passed were spot on and there is no way of her knowing these things.  While I still have questions about my sons death,I  I do have a sense of Peace! Hoping this peace will help me move into a new place in my life.


Kim C. Georgia

"You were hands down amazing, Deb! Thank you so much & I hope, I hope we can work together again soon :)"


Sarah M. Maryland


 "- Thank you so much Deb" -- If you want to really connect to the spirit of a passed loved one, please call Deb. You will not be disappointed, you will know in your heart and she will help you immensely. The level of accuracy in the evidence, message work and intimate details, and the manner of sequential delivery is amazing and easy to understand. Thanks Deb for helping me to find direction, giving me actions for groundness and the heart & soul knowledge that "it is all as it should be and it is all good". --- till next time!


Antoinette Kunda, Van Nuys, CA


​ ​​Deborah, Even though I did not ask you for a spiritual connection in my reading, you were insistent to tell me that a spirit had been with you all morning waiting on me to call you....and it was wonderful to know and reconnect with a long-time friend who wanted to send me a message. This spirit coming through you, Deborah, was spot on to my situation and problems I am experiencing at this very moment which has been the hardest time of my life. The quality of the evidence you presented me has allowed me to move forward with a renewed sense of spirit, new energy to pick up my life and move forward, and I now know and understand what I need to do, what I don't need to do and who I am again in this universe. For any of you out there who are curious about gifted people like Deborah....and don't know if you believe; don't be afraid to connect with this wonderful woman. Let your own experience decide for you.      


~Rebecca~ NC 

​You also ended things on a "Sunny Note" for me. ​​​I hope others will call on you so they can see what a gem you are. ;-) ​​​T of CA​​​​Deborah, Thank You! You are the "Real Deal". You gave both clear and concise information that is relevant and that I could understand. ​​​​​


 "I had the divine pleasure of working with Deborah Livingston on a recent reading which included Medium with the afterlife. Not only is Deborah warm and gracious but she has a warm and gentle soul. I walked away with a feeling of empowerment and a sense of warmth and love. Hearing words taken from my deceased Grandparents was encouraging, warm and reassuring. Deborah was right on with her reading and I was mesmerized with her words and interpretation. I plan on using Deborah again and again in my near future. I recommend her to anyone that is reaching out for self-improvement, healing or a higher level of spirituality. Deborah is gifted and a wonderful person to work with as she treats you with dignity and respect which is very important."

Keep the light bright,


Bonnie C. of CA





To Request A Psychic Medium Session: email Deb at Or 617-817-0721


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